Be in Control

Control up to four MythTV frontends and backends from the same app. The app can search for MythTVs on your network and connect to them automatically, provided that the frontend and backend are on the same machine. For more advanced setups or networks with peculiar settings, you can manually connect to MythTVs as long as you know the frontend and backend private IP addresses.

Be in control

Easy to Use

The remote control screen features large buttons that are easy to press without looking down all the time. Some buttons, such as the directional arrows, feature repetition, such that you can hold them down and the action will be repeated until you let go.

Easy to use

No Clutter

The remote control screen is cleverly laid out for maximum features without clutter.

  • Volume and position sliders show the current volume and playback position in real time. Slide them around to adjust the volume or playback position instantly.
  • Tap the left volume icon to mute and unmute.
  • One-tap commercial skip and sleep timer.
  • Tap the Jump button to instantly jump to any MythTV screen on your TV. The list of screens is customizable.
  • Tap the More button to bring up additional buttons that are used less often, including a keyboard that lets you enter text on the screen.

Program Guide

View your MythTV's program guide on your iPhone or iPod. Tap any program to view more details about it and see whether it is recorded or will record.

Program guide

Recording Details

View a list of upcoming, conflicting, or expiring recordings on your iPhone or iPod.

Myth TV Settings

See a complete listing of all MythTV system settings on your iPhone or iPod.

Current Recordings

View a list of all current recordings and videos on your iPhone or iPod.

  • Tap the details icon to view full details about the program.
  • Tap the program to play it on your MythTV frontend or to transcode it into a streamable file. Streamable files show up on the Streams screen in MythControlled, where you can tap them to watch them on your iPhone or iPod.
  • Swipe right to left to delete the program from your MythTV backend.


Myth TV is a free, open-source DVR system. You can learn more about Myth TV from the project website at mythtv.org.


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There are a few known issues with the remote that are caused by problems with the MythTV application. We hope to assist in getting these fixed in a future version of MythTV. If you experience issues, please e-mail us before giving us a bad review on the app store.